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Paul Butler
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Hay Ho Potato

Sing Along with the Band:

Singer: Third boxcar, midnight train, destination Bangor Maine.
Band: BANGor!

Singer: Get your ki-icks on Route 66
Band: Ya Dirty Rotten ..bit cher tongue, did ya ? 

Singer: What do you do if you're on fire? 
Band: Stop! Drop! and Rolllll!

Ask the Band:

Q: If you're a trio, how come there are five members? 

A: Everybody knows that the more players a trio has, the better it is

Q: Why don't you call yourselves a quintet?
A: We don't know how to spell quintet.

Q: Many people say that the lead singer and pianist look like brothers.  Are they ?
A: They're not brothers, they're lovers.

Q: How does one express appreciation after a performance? 
A: Tradition holds that those wishing to express appreciation should take a sock, light it, and hold it aloft. Be sure to remove any resident feet prior to applying flame.

Q: Ohmigosh you guys are incredible.  How do I hire you NOW???
A: Click here!