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Click on tune in to listen directly from our server if you have a player such as Winamp, Macamp, RealAudio, or Windows Media Player. If you don't have one of those players, click on download and play them any way you want. The songs are in mp3 format. You'll need a cable modem or faster to tune in.  If you have dialup, click on download and wait for the song to transfer to your computer first.

for cable, DSL

for dialup or to download

King of the Road 3.9Mb
House of Blue Lights 4.1Mb
720 in the Books 4.6Mb
Down in Nagasaki 3.0Mb
I Ain't Got Nobody 4.4Mb
Working Man's Blues 3.3Mb
Reet Petite and Gone 4.4Mb
If I Had You 5.0Mb
Main Line Baby 4.3Mb

What do the Critics say?
Your streaming caused me screaming
-- Jinxx

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